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Since 2003, Clearly Superior Technologies has been providing quality products to Business and Industry.  In order to provide a more complete line of products, CST is now constantly adding new suppliers of quality input devices and accessories

CST is currently looking for a few more, excellent, high quality products to compliment Our Trackball line as well as our line of A4Tech products.  If you are a manufacturer, we would like to talk to you.

At CST, we know that our great service is a welcomed change from what is normally encountered in today’s marketplace.  We go the “Extra Mile” to provide timely, accurate service that meets the needs of our customers.

Product knowledge  is also highly valued at CST, we strive to know all the “in’s and out’s” of the products we sell.  If your customer has a problem with one of our products, we will be there to assist you in gaining their satisfaction.

Clearly Superior Products - Home

Clearly Superior Technologies, Inc.

Clearly Superior Products - Home

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